3 Ways to Expand How You Use Pathwright

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From the Editor: This is part three of a three part series in which Laurie, our Guidance Expert, shares Pathwright’s subtle superpowers and hidden features you might have missed. You can read part one here and part two here.

1. Integrate your account with other powerful tools

Make your Pathwright account even more powerful by integrating with other great apps. We have custom integrations for Intercom, Google Analytics, and Stripe.

We can also integrate with 1000+ plus apps through Zapier and more custom integrations are available through Webhooks by Zapier.

Here’s what you might create through app integrations . . .

  • Send a custom email when a new member joins your school.
  • Send an invitation to join a private course when someone pays you with Shopify, PayPal, or Moonclerk.
  • Send a custom email when a learner enrolls in a particular course or group.
  • Send yourself a notification when a learner completes a course.  

2. Add custom pages to your Pathwright account or connect it with your external website

Another little-known fact is that you can iframe external web pages into your Pathwright account. If your page meets our specifications, we can add it to your account for free. Custom landing page? Blog page? Gift subscription promo page? Yes, you can.

Explore these examples:

Allrecipes’ Free Trial promo page:

The Lamppostguild’s landing page:

Ligonier Connect’s gift subscriptions page:

3. Export data to use outside of Pathwright

Pathwright tracks tons of data for you. Much of this data is visible in the interface, but we've also provided downloadable spreadsheet reports, so you can do more with it. Export your learners' emails, so you can message them from your favorite email service. Or download your gradebook.

Thanks for reading this series. Don’t forget to check out parts one and two, and sign up for our blog to get updates on new features and posts from our Education and Guidance teams.

To discover more about Pathwright, find all of our FAQs here.

Using Pathwright is dead simple and doesn’t cost a thing until you’re ready to launch a path.
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