Introducing Season Passes

Get inside access and 1:1 collaboration with Pathwright Labs.

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From day one, Pathwright has partnered with like-minded, invested educators instead of outside investors. We’ve helped grow our partners from zero to tens of thousands of learners and millions of steps completed as they’ve helped us grow Pathwright’s feature set for everyone.

A Season Pass is a new product that expands our partner model. It grants behind-the-scenes access to the experts and experiments in the Pathwright Labs. As a Season Pass holder, you can collaborate directly with our team to help shape what’s coming next for your organization alongside what’s coming next at Pathwright. While each consultation applies to your education program strategy, path design, and new technology, many topics we cover apply more broadly to your entire education strategy and tech stack. For instance, we’re helping current Season Pass holders think about how the latest developments in AI impact not only the paths they make with Pathwright but their entire education ecosystem.

The one-on-one consultations mean we must keep the number of Lab collaborators small. But we’ve opened up a few additional Season Passes for the spring and summer of 2023.

What comes with a Season Pass?

Season Pass holders get a minimum of 6 months of access to the following:

Exclusive Lab updates on new product ideas we’re exploring for upcoming Seasons with the opportunity to collaborate on how plans take shape.

Lab Conversations with experts at Pathwright to explore how your organization’s vision and plans could integrate with Pathwright’s current and future abilities. For example, pass holders get access to:

  • ProductLabs: Explore creative ways to strategically maximize your use of Pathwright’s features in your software ecosystem and explore upcoming ideas we’re working on in the Labs. ProductLabs also include the opportunity to introduce your teachers, mentors, and learners to our ProductLab team to share feedback that informs the design of upcoming features.
  • EdLabs: Explore creative ways to design and offer courses with Christian + the option to host an “EdLabs Live” — a one-hour teaching session for your designers, teachers, or learners where we’ll “co-teach” a helpful, timely topic together contextualized to your particular needs.
  • Training Labs: Help team members and departments get quickly up-to-speed on how to use Pathwright at a pro level in a personal training session.
  • CommLabs: Get a fresh set of eyes on what you’re already up to as you connect with your community — whether you’re exploring ideas for growing your audience, encouraging more learning, or just reviewing an email or promotion page.
  • DevLabs: Get secure access to our GraphQL API sandbox, plus personalized guidance from our developers on best integrating with SSO and other software platforms.

As a Season Pass holder, you’ll also get priority technical support from Pathwright Guides.

Apply for a Season Pass

Due to the collaborative nature of Season Passes, we, unfortunately, can’t provide them for everyone. Season Passes are a good fit for organizations that can afford an additional $14K–$28K/year commitment and are aligned with our vision for improving teaching and learning.

Apply for a Season Pass

(We’ve reserved space for up to five Season Passes in 2023, with two reserved.)

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