What you get with Pathwright

These core features are included, supported, and updated in every package.

Make happy learners by offering the best learner experience out there. Your learners can...

Learn anywhere on any screen.

Move through immersive step-by-step paths that look amazing, keep progress, and focus in on what’s next.

Track everything they’re learning from their own personal home screen.

Take, keep, and print private notes on anything they learn.

Ask questions and chime in on discussion with you and/or your learning community.

Stay on track and up-to-date with email and in-app notifications for due date reminders, discussion responses, feedback, and more.

Get a daily, weekly, or monthly email digest of everything happening across all their courses.

Design & Build
Design any type of course and create or reuse existing content.
You can...

Build anywhere on any screen.

Design a unique look for each course.

Use the path designer to map out any type of course in minutes.

Feature video or audio media for lectures, demonstrations, etc.

Create great-looking readings, exercises, or any type of document.

Assign projects and collect any type of work to review.

Create practice quizzes, tests, or study-guide style assessments with optional answer explanations.

Post discussion questions to guide discussion on anything.

Post additional attachments and notes to anything.

Add automatic or personally awarded points on anything.

Make anything optional or required.

Embed just about anything.

Make it personal and keep any number of learners engaged.
You and your teachers can...

Teach anywhere, on any screen.

See who’s started, completed, and where everyone is at a glance.

Evaluate completion rates and performance stats for your whole course, each lesson, and each step at a glance.

Give feedback and/or grade everything quickly from one screen.

Keep everyone on track with due dates & automatic reminders.

Get in-app and email notifications for anything you need to respond to.

See and participate in all the discussion from Community.

Set start dates to lock access until an upcoming date.

Make your course private, public, or members-only.

Set registration, access windows, and seat limits.

Only manage the important things. Everything else runs by itself.
You and your managers can...

You guessed it: manage everything anywhere, on any screen.

Customize your name and brand.

Control who has access to any course with a few clicks.

Manage all your members in one place.

Download detailed reports.

Never install anything – Pathwright is securely hosted in the cloud.

Rest easy with full SSL encryption on every screen.

Daily back-ups to protect your information & members.

Get weekly enhancements and bug fixes with nothing to install, ever

Integrate with Google Analytics, Intercom.io – pretty much anything with an embed code.

Optionally sell courses.