Teach multiple cohorts

Most online teaching is one-size-fits-all or a content muddle: either everyone takes the same course or there are partially-customized copies everywhere. With Pathwright's unique Cohorts feature you can personalize your learning experiences for any number of groups without the mess. Here's how:

Design a master path for each course that includes the best version of all your lessons and content, updatable anytime.

Group teachers and learners into private cohorts with their own discussions and schedule. For example, create cohorts for different classes, teams, semesters, partners, and more.

Enable teachers to personalize the path for their cohort by adding custom lessons, steps, and content unique to them without interfering with other cohorts.

Sync improvements to your master path with any cohort without overwriting any of the customizations the cohort's teacher has made.

Enable anyone to create a cohort so partners, teachers, families, study groups and more can start taking your courses with their own groups automatically.

Want to learn more?

Check out our Help Center article to learn more about ways to use the Cohorts feature to personalize and expand your learning paths.


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