Maximize live training

Organizing live training can be a hassle, especially when it’s disconnected from the other ways your people learn. Learners often show up unprepared. Even when they leave feeling equipped and inspired, they easily forget the new concepts. Pathwright helps you make live training stick. Here's how:

Eliminate the busy work and confusion about sign-ups and scheduling because all your training—live or not—is in one place.

Help everyone show up prepared to learn by including pre-live session material with start and due dates that automatically remind your learners if they're slipping behind.

Teach in person or use a live streaming video tool like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype to teach live sessions remotely.

Capture the training as an evergreen path that your learners can reference anytime, on a schedule or at their own pace.

Include teacher-only notes for the person guiding a particular group through the live training event.

Digitally enhanced live teaching

While most people think of online learning as self-paced and remote,it doesn't have to be. About half of the paths completed in Pathwright each week guide people through scheduled live training thatthey can interact with and discuss with other learners.


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