Level-up with mentors

The most personal, effective, and lasting learning happens when a skilled guide works one-on-one with a learner through their entire learning journey. With Pathwright's new Mentor Groups feature, you can help your coaches, team leaders, or experts guide individual learners across all the learning paths they're taking. Here's how:

Assign mentors to one or more learners through all the course paths they're taking.

Empower mentors with easy tools for gauging learner activity, progress, and performance at a glance (even from their phone).

Make mentor feedback quick and painless with in-app and email notifications whenever there's something to review, grade, or discuss.

Map Mentor Groups to your organization's unique structure by creating groups and sub-groups that map to divisions, teams, topical areas, and more.

Learn more about Mentor Groups

Mentor Groups is one of our newest features. If you'd like to learn more about using them within your Enterprise Plan, sign up for a personal demo here.


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