Pricing FAQs


What is an Engaged Learner?

We only count “Engaged Learners” towards your bill. An 🙂  Engaged Learner is one who does one of the following...

  • Completes a step

  • Participates in discussion

  • Pays you (if you sell courses or subscriptions)

😴  Inactive learners are free. Even when they…

  • Sign in, but don’t participate

  • Review lessons they’ve already completed

  • Sign-up for a course and don’t start it

  • Create an account and don’t participate

How many Engaged Learners should I plan for?

Overall engagement varies, but most people see around 40% of their learners engage during a given month. So if you’ve recently had about 100 learners join total, counting on 30-50 of of them to engage each month is a good place to start.


How does Pathwright bill me?

Once you activate your Pathwright account by entering a credit card, we'll bill the card on file every 30 days based on your total number of active members. You can preview your upcoming bill anytime.


If you sell courses...


Are there fees selling courses or subscriptions?

Pathwright does not take a fee from any of your course sales, but the payment provider – - takes 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction


Can I create free courses?

Yes, you can offer any course for free or for pay (or a mix of both).