Build your
own world of
online learning.

  • Design courses, lessons, classes, and more.
  • Save time with powerful teaching, reporting, & admin tools.
  • Provide an immersive experience on mobile, tablets, & desktop.

1:Create an online home for your class


  • Paths:

    Package your expertise and insight as simple, interactive courses.

  • Media:

    Include video, discussion exercises, articles, and more.

  • Projects:

    Make it actionable with reflection exercises, quizzes, projects, and more.

  • Remix:

    Build new courses out of existing steps like snapping together magic blocks.

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“[Pathwright] offers learners an unparalleled learning platform that’s not only powerful and user-friendly, but also elegant. I highly recommend it!”

Get to know new rockets


How rockets can be better


Recent advances in rocket science


Discuss why this matters

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2:Launch the best learning experience out there—yours


  • Learn Mode:

    Give your learners a focused environment designed for learning without distraction.

  • Themes:

    Pick the perfect look for you in seconds with customizable themes.

  • Branded:

    Launch your course under your own name, URL, and catalog—you own your content and presentation.

  • Mobile:

    Design, teach, learn, and manage everything—even from your phone.

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Steps completed so far with Pathwright

Fly there faster


And you thought we couldn't go faster...


the X1 SuperRocket in action


The launch guide

3:Guide your students with superpowers


  • Feedback:

    Share feedback on project submissions, assessment answers, and more with our lightning-fast workflow.

  • Discussion Prompts:

    Post prompts to foster intentional, guided discussion on any step.

  • Attend Steps:

    Create “Attend” steps for live teaching sessions, in person or online.

  • Schedules:

    Help students stay on track with due dates and auto reminders.

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Discussion posts between students & teachers online so far

Landing in one piece


Safety to match speed


Create an emergency plan


Rocket launch test flight

Done! Watch your community grow


  • Community:

    Grow a thriving learning community that stays engaged with cohort discussions.

  • One-Page Checkout:

    Sell courses and subscriptions instantly with simple, fast checkout.

  • Subscriptions:

    Provide ongoing value with monthly and yearly subscription access.

  • Sell Cohorts:

    Sell courses to whole organizations or cohorts.

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