From prototype to perfection.

We'll develop an ideal learning model that accomplishes your strategy and suits your content. We'll test its effectiveness through a series of real world pilots.

Lesson Prototypes: We'll design two to three lesson prototypes that test what we've mapped together during the Plan phase.

Community Engagement Assessment: Along the way, we'll assess how you can best connect your learners with each other and their teachers so your community stays engaged.

Teacher Guide Development: To ensure your teachers and moderators feel comfortable in a new platform and course, we'll design a customized way to onboard them to the platform and your teaching approach.

Pilot: We'll conduct an internal pilot, external pilot, or both to collect feedback on our initial design approach.

Pilot Assessment: We'll refine our lesson pattern, community engagement strategy, and teacher guide based on pilot feedback and finalize our content strategy and course design.

Case Study: Synergy Performance Psychology

Synergy Performance Psychology has spent years leading the way in sports and organizational psychology. Recently, they approached our LX team about taking their organizational leadership training to new heights. Our team designed an interactive learning path out of their static research documents.

Through our design prototype, we discovered that we could increase engagement through a personal introduction from the researchers themselves. So we wrote and and supervised short video introductions for each lesson in Synergy's course.

The result was high-quality research in an engaging, actionable, personal learning path.

Synergy will soon launch their training to over 3,000 learners.