Pathwright helps you:

Create an amazing online school.

Launch your own school with interactive courses and a growing community. Reinvent how education works and reach students all around the world.

Immersive, active, & social.

You're getting your own online app, not a static website. It looks good automatically, but it’s super easy to customize for next-level looks. You can even:

✔︎ Use your own domain
✔︎ Customize it to your brand
✔︎ Keep full ownership of your content



Build a lifelong learning community, not a one-and-done.

Every member who takes a course makes connections with their peers and your staff that can grow for a lifetime.


Helps you grow.

Pathwright has advanced features for selling subscriptions, individual courses, and group courses.

Plays nicely.

Pathwright plays nicely with Intercom, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and more through Zapier.

“Pathwright has every feature I need to allow my students to gain all the knowledge and skills they require to jump in.”

—Aliza B., Doula Instructor at International Doula Institute



Go big.

We’ve helped educators take what they’re already doing well to the next level. Whether you’re adapting current content, creating new content, or setting perfect prices, we’re here to help.
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Includes everything you’ll need.


Free to try!

Curriculum tools

Commerce is built-in

Free friendly support :)

Add your own branding

Creating content is simple

Built for every device (even phones)

Rich, personal interactions of an app

Earnable custom certificates (optional)

Analytics: Performance data for content

Rich content (videos, audio, images, etc.)

Radar: At-a-glance progress for everyone

Discussion, upvoting, and threaded replies

Join people worldwide.

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