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Pathwright is a next generation LMS designed for distance learning. We power over 22k courses from over 33k educators and 418.6k learners. How can we help you?

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Since 2012, 418.6k people used Pathwright to complete 7,479,284 learning steps so far.

Get started in 3 easy steps

1:Create training that‘s painless, personal, and fun


  • Paths:

    Turn existing live training and docs into simple, interactive courses.

  • Media:

    Include screencasts, GIFs, video tutorials, and more.

  • Projects:

    Make it stick with practice exercises, quizzes, projects, and more.

  • Remix:

    Build new training courses out of existing steps like snapping together magic blocks.

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They've got your back even in zero gravity


An introduction from your captain


Introduce yourself to the team


Space scavenger hunt

2:Launch the best online training environment for your team


  • Learn Mode:

    Give your team a focused environment designed for learning without distraction.

  • Mobile:

    Create courses, give feedback, learn, and manage everything—even on your phone.

  • Themes:

    Match your organization’s brand with customizable themes.

  • Branded:

    Your training stays under your company name and custom URL—you own your content and presentation.

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Getting on the same page


Team mission statement


Go where no person has before


Team mission test

3:Guide your team with superpowers


  • Moderators:

    Give managers the best tools to guide their own teams through your courses.

  • Radar:

    See exactly where your team is in real time so no one gets stuck.

  • Schedules:

    Help everyone stay on track with due dates and auto reminders.

  • Feedback:

    Review answers, application projects, and share feedback with our super-fast workflow.

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Groups taking courses together with a moderator

Getting to liftoff as a team


Your assignments from the captain


Discuss the mission plan


Team mission in space!

Done! Watch your community grow


  • Community:

    Keep your learning community engaged with cohort discussions.

  • Storefront:

    Where anyone (or just your members) can find and self-enroll in your courses.

  • Pitch Pages:

    Create interactive pages for any course that help persuade someone to join.

  • One-Page Checkout:

    Sell courses & subscriptions instantly with easy, optimized checkout.

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