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A note from us to you.

We believe, from our brains to our toes, that when we can help creative, thoughtful educators like yourself guide learners well (and make a living doing it), we've done what we set out to do. Read more

All about those paths.

We think about you a lot. That's why we say “make paths”. It’s shorthand for what we think anyone should be able to do: Build a series of learning steps to teach from A to B—or C, or Z, or wherever you need to go.

Well-made paths mean learners stay focused on the right step at the right time. Meanwhile, teachers enjoy tailored control and more time to connect.

Everyone's over the moon.


Why us?

We started writing Pathwright in 2009. Partnering with our first school helped us tailor Pathwright to the future of education, not the past. Ever since launching publicly in 2011, we’ve made it better and more useful for people like us—you.

We’re constantly building and testing new features in real classrooms and real-life. Over 50% of our full-time employees are current or former educators. We even use Pathwright to teach our own classes. Opportunities abound.

We probably wouldn’t be laser-focused on actual needs and actual people if we couldn’t chart our own course. That’s why we grew Pathwright to be profitable from day one instead of playing the typical start-up lottery. Not being at the mercy of investors has kept us free to build what folks like you need, not what the money guys think might make a 10x return.

We succeed with you, not instead of you.

That’s part of why Pathwright runs as a family business headquartered in beautiful Greenville, SC (come visit!). It keeps us connected.


What does success look like?

Enough about us. Back to you.

Life isn’t fragmented into semesters or divided down a school-career line. We think you should be able to teach and learn not just in school units, but in whatever units life gives you.

We’d like to eliminate the complexity that bogs down teaching & learning.

If we can do that, you won’t have to battle that complexity—you’ll be free to craft each learner’s path. And without any unnecessary constraints, learners won’t need artificial timeframes to connect with teachers who’ll change their lives—they’ll be free to learn with you whenever, wherever, and forever.


Measuring matters.

Tracking how many teachers and students connect through great paths tells us how we’re doing and encourages us to keep going.

So far, we've seen educators use Pathwright to help spongy minds complete steps through thousands of courses. That's progress!

This is the mission driving us and our product. It’s about you and the learners you’ll connect with. We make Pathwright so you can make paths.


High five,


Good company.

A friendly group of educators, designers, developers, and business folk. We’re in this with you for the long haul.

Mark J.
Founder & Interactive Lead

I develop the parts of Pathwright you see so you can bring your school to life on any screen, anywhere.


Paul J.
Founder & Product Manager

I architect Pathwright and our services so you can craft great education and make a good living.


Christian S.
Education Director

I design curriculum and write about education so you can build your Pathwright school well.


Justin H.
Creative Director

I design our look and feel so Pathwright is easy to use and love.


Louisa H.
Operations Manager

I coordinate our team as we join forces with you to create what your school needs to succeed.


Brad R.

I build digital connections between your school and Pathwright so everything runs smoothly.


Joe V.

I build interfaces for you to better teach and learn.


Laurie G.
Community Support

I answer questions and coordinate with our team so you can focus on teaching.


Lindsay B.

I build sites and tools that help Pathwright make more sense.


Lydia S.

I help connect new contacts with new possibilities.


Michelle J.
Community Support

I answer your questions so you can build and grow with Pathwright.


Robert G.

I turn ideas into working features so your paths can fit anyone's needs.


Work with us!

We and our education partners are always looking for talented folks who want to help creative educators prosper.

Interested? Let us know.