Learning together again

Invite your online learners to learn together with Cohorts. Because the best learning happens when we're exchanging ideas, asking questions, and interacting with people on our same path.


Shared paths, customized for every group

With Cohorts, your learners can learn actively together in a path made just for them. Technology handles the busywork, so you can focus on the human work of teaching and creating connections for your learners.

Many Cohorts

Create as many new Cohorts as you need and tailor each Cohort's path and schedule for your learners.

One Source Path

As you improve your course design, keep the current best version in the Source Path. Then...

Customize each Cohort

Make unique edits to a Cohort Path that only sync to the learners in that Cohort, but don't alter any other Cohorts.

Update all Cohorts at once

Sync updates in your Source Path with all Cohorts at once (and without overwriting any Cohort customizations).


Human accountability for an online world

Bring the natural rhythms of in-person accountability online and into the 21st century with Cohorts. Learners can see one another's progress, get a due date reminder or encouragement when they need it, and have helpful conversations around their work.


Add dates & times to pace each step of a Cohort ahead of time so you can focus on more important things once the everyone starts.


Add automatic reminders to keep everyone on track and encourage progress.

Teachers & moderators

Invite anyone to help learners stay on track, tag-team questions, and share feedback on work, and customize each cohort path.

Feedback Inbox

Get notifications to your feedback inbox when your response is needed in a discussion or when an assignment needs your review.


A realtime glimpse of where everyone is in the path gives everyone a sense of being all in it together. (And, a dose of positive peer pressure to take the next step).


An online place for community learning

Learning paths & communities go together.

Integrated discussion

Discussions are integrated into the learning path so there's no need to go to a separate forum or Slack channel to discuss anything.

Teachers & moderators can even post their own discussion prompts for their own Cohort.


Discussion threads makes easier to follow along with discussion and for partipants to go deeper and open up tangents - just like the best discussions in real life.

Community Area

Every Cohort comes with it's own Community Area that includes all the discusssion from the Path + any free-form discussion anyone wants to talk about.

Member Directory

A year-book like view of everyone in the Cohort gives even those who've never met in "real life" a way to get to know each other and share about themselves.

Activity feed

The activity feed gives a realtime sense of momentum - when we see others making progress, sharing feedback, and posting interesting stuff each week we feel a little more positive pressure to do the same.


Explore how with us

See how you can keep leaners actively engaged together in paths and communities.


Learning together again

The platform for inviting your learners to exchange ideas, ask questions, and interact on the same path.