Ready for launch.

Our LX team builds out a perfectly polished, highly effective interactive learning experience with your content. With a customized launch strategy, your course will be roll-out ready on time.

Create Content: We'll write projects, assessments, discussion questions, and introductions with the help of your team's content expert(s).

Interactive Engagement Assessment: We'll build each lesson in your course step by step using Pathwright's interactive

Review & Revise: You'll have clear points along the way to review and refine each step and lesson of your course.

Launch Strategy: Finally, we'll draft a launch strategy for your course, fine-tuning marketing details and ensuring you offer it to your learners in the most effective way.

Case Study: Reach Out & Read

For the past two years, our LX team has worked closely with Reach Out & Read Carolinas to build courses together.

We are their Path Building team. To ensure every courses reaches learners in tip-top shape, they send their paths to our team for tune-ups and extra help. We quickly load their PDF based research into Pathwright, converting it into interactive Blocks along the way and adding discussion questions to better engage their community.

Reach Out & Read has more time to stay focused on being experts in child literacy because we can quickly build engaging, interactive paths for them.


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