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Since 2011, we’ve helped hundreds of visionary educators design, build, and launch beautifully effective online learning.

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LX Design is the most powerful service we've ever offered. But you don't have to take our word for it.

Drew Brannon, Ph.D.
President & COO, Synergy Performance Psychology

“We were looking for a partner that could take our vision and content to create a deliverable that was both functional and innovative. They created an outstanding product that we are proud to introduce to our clients.”

Callee Boulware
Executive Director, Reach Out and Read Carolinas

“Working with Pathwright on course design ... has been a fantastic experience. The expertise of the Learning Experience Design team has supported the adaptation of content for high-quality and interactive learning experiences for our users.”

Grady Powell
CEO, Openfields

“Building a course that fully engages your audience to achieve measurable impact is an art that involves understanding how people learn. Pathwright’s Learning Experience team are design experts who can help you develop an online learning product that performs.”

Proven process, flexible phases

Our Learning Experience (LX) team helps you design the path from underperforming content to rich, interactive online courses. We adapt design and education principles to your unique needs through our proven design process.


We'll help you hone a strategy for what to teach, who to teach, and how to teach it. Together, we'll identify key metrics to measure your course or program's success.


We'll develop an ideal learning model that accomplishes your strategy and suits your content. We'll test its effectiveness through a series of real world pilots.


Our LX team builds out a perfectly polished, highly effective interactive learning experience with your content. With a customized launch strategy, your course will be roll-out ready on time.

Flexible Project Pricing

We’ll provide a custom quote for your project based on your content format, amount of content, timeline, and goals. LX projects typically fall within three categories—Transform, Translate, Transfer.

Get a customized quote
Premium: Transform

Go big. We'll work with your team to design an innovative, cohesive learning experience from the ground up.

Price Range: $2,500 + around $1,400/lesson

Time Range: Varies by project

Medium: Translate

We'll transfer, reformat, and enhance your content from the original format (PDFs, Docs, Slideshows) to take full advantage of the digital medium.

Price Range: $1000 + around $700/lesson

Time Range: Typically 6-12 weeks

Small: Transfer

We'll transfer all of your content from the original format (PDFs, Docs, Slideshows) without alteration into a digital learning path.

Price Range: $100 + around $300/lesson

Time Range: Delivered within 8 weeks

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