Easy to make, easy to take.

Make paths to move anyone to new levels of knowledge & skill.


Save time, teach anything, help humans.

Outline your entire course in minutes. Fill it in with videos, quizzes, projects, discussions, and more. Then, because of you, real people can take action-based steps to understand something totally new.

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Your own library, organized & customized.

Everything you make, collected in one place.


Offer courses, add branding, go big.

It's your library—a safe, organized place where learners can find your courses and lessons. You can even add your branding, sell courses, and more. With Pathwright, everything you make is great-looking and easy to find.

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Keep everyone connected.

Build a community who learns together.


Cultivate ideas, share feedback, stay human.

Pathwright helps you foster rich, intentional discussion so people actually learn from each other. You can share personal feedback on projects to help them do their best work. Use Pathwright to build a community who never, ever lose their thirst to know more.

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Join people worldwide.

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David Marquet

Best-Selling Author

Intent-Based Leadership

"The ability to set up classes and designate facilitators is so intuitive and efficient that we easily put the control for learning in the hands of the learners."

Krista King

Calculus Expert 

Krista King Math

"The Pathwright team truly cares about how each feature impacts the learning experience. I’ve had the pleasure of creating on Pathwright for several years now, and it just keeps getting better."

Aliza B.

Doula Instructor

International Doula Institute

"Our students truly stand out from the crowd because of their knowledge base after working through the Pathwright system."

Chris G.

Team Trainer

JTECH Medical

"Pathwright’s tools and customer support made it possible for me to build a rich online educational experience without a lot of programming knowledge."

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