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Teaching online can seem like a maze of options. Pathwright gives you the power to build outstanding coursesin just 3 steps

1:Design amazing courses quickly


  • Paths:

    Transform your ideas and materials into actionable steps.

  • Media:

    Demonstrate anything with video, audio, and written tutorials.

  • Projects:

    Create projects, discussion exercises, and more.

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Steps completed so far with Pathwright

To infinity and beyond!


Intro to rocket science


Your assembly plan


Test launch

Hundreds of people and companies trust Pathwright, like:

Noelle Cellini
Since 2015 | The Style Academy
“Pathwright enables me to reach more people in a professional, stylish and efficient way.”
Steve Childers
Since 2013 | Pathway Learning
“Pathwright offers learners an unparalleled learning platform that's not only powerful and user-friendly, but also elegant. I highly recommend it!”
Linet Amalie
Since 2017 | Dr. Linet
“Thank you for making it so easy to use, from someone who is just not ‘techy’.”

2:Launch the best learning experience out there—yours


  • Learn Mode:

    Give them an environment designed for focused learning.

  • Themes:

    Pick the perfect look for you in seconds, customize anytime.

  • Branded:

    Launch under your own name, URL, and catalog. You control everything.

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Tristan de Montebello
Since 2015 | About The Start
“Pathwright allows me to focus almost exclusively on creating world class content for my students.”

It’s an awfully big place


How well do you know space?


Your mission details


Report your findings

3:Teach with superpowers


  • Radar:

    See exactly where your learners are in real time so no one gets stuck.

  • Schedules:

    Help your learners stay on track with due dates and auto-reminders.

  • Feedback:

    Share feedback on project submissions, assessment answers, and more with our lightning-fast workflow.

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Aliza Bancoff
Since 2014 | International Doula Institute
“I began my search, tried out about 25 different options and Pathwright had every feature I needed. It is so intuitive.”

It’s like a new best friend


Suit up!


Spacesuit superpowers


Your first spacewalk

Done! Watch your community grow


  • Community:

    Grow a thriving learning community that stays engaged with group discussions.

  • Storefront:

    Display your courses for anyone (or just your members) to discover and self-enroll.

  • Pitch Pages:

    Create interactive pitch pages for any course to help persuade someone to join.

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