We’re an independent company.

Just like with your food, it’s good to know where your software comes from. Since day one, Pathwright has been a self-funded company. No outside investors. No loans. No money guys to answer to. No megacorp.

The result? Slower, sustainable growth. A team that knows each other (and you!). But most importantly, laser focus on the best possible product. Products you use should be good for you, not just for some rich guy’s bottom line.

There are other ways to run a business. But for us, this is the only way we know to make the best teaching and learning software on the planet.

Pathwright is an independent company, just like many of our own customers. We may be indie, but we’re in it together.

Tell your own story by creating an /independent page on your site. Feel free to use these badges.

Thanks to Semplice and Tobias van Schneider for the original idea.

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Indie for indie.

We couldn’t be less alone in this. Meet other indie companies whose products and services we rely on and whose humans we know.


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