Learning at the right pace

Most adults learn best when a sticky problem is right in front of them or when inspiration strikes. In these pivotal moments, engaging them with a learning path they can start right now is critical. With Pathwright, you can design and offer just-in-time learning paths and strike while the iron is hot. Here's how:

Publish any learning path for self-discovery in your own custom library, so your learners can search, browse, and join the paths they need, when they need them.

Curate learning paths within your Library into Collections and by category so your learners can find just what they need based on their role, skill-level, department, or anything else.

Review performance and progress across all learning paths so you can identify where people are getting stuck.

Keep self-paced social by building in discussion prompts so that learners can learn together and teach each other even when they're not on the same schedule.

Want to learn more about self-paced learning paths?

We recommend taking our Intro to Pathwright micro course—at your own pace—to learn more about Pathwright while taking a Pathwright course as a learner.