Humans of Pathwright

Brad Reardon

Backend Engineer • Since '15

I build digital connections between your school and Pathwright so everything runs smoothly.

Christian Shockley

Head of Ed Labs • Since '13

I conduct research and experiments to design the most engaging learning experiences possible with you.

David Chapman

Developer • Since '18

I develop interactive parts of Pathwright and coordinate our development team.

Felipe Arias

Developer • Since '23

I build creative features so you can give your learners smooth, unique experiences.

Joe VanLeeuwen

Developer • Since '15

I build interfaces for you to better teach and learn.

Justin Hall

Partner & Chief Brand Officer • Since '11

I design our look and feel so Pathwright is easy to use and love.

Kim Chapman

Support • Since '20

I answer questions and coordinate with our team so you can focus on learning.

Mark Johnson

Cofounder, Partner & CTO • Since '09

I architect the Pathwright platform to be reliable, coherent and flexible.

Michelle Johnson

Customer Happiness & Success • Since '13

I guide you through matching your education goals with how Pathwright can help you reach them.

Paul Johnson

Cofounder, Partner & CEO • Since '09

I architect and optimize Pathwright's products and vision to accomplish our mission.

Nicer Studio

Development Partner

We build features and mobile apps with Pathwright.

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