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1. Learner Experience

Make happy learners

With Pathwright, your learners can...

Learn anywhere: Take courses from any screen or device—even your phone.

Take notes: Write, review, and print notes from anywhere in the path.

Ask anything: Chime in on discussions and pose questions for your learning community.

Keep focused: Know where they are and what’s next with paths that always shows their next step.

Stay engaged: Stay on track and up-to-date with email and in-app notifications for due date reminders, discussion responses, feedback, and more.

Be in the know: Set up a daily, weekly, or monthly email digest of everything happening across all their courses.

Own their learning: Access all the courses in which they're enrolled from a centralized home screen.

2. Teacher Experience

Keep things personal

With Pathwright, you and your teachers can...

Teach anywhere: Connect with learners from any screen or device—even your phone.

Review progress: See student progress at a glance. Check who’s completed what and who needs to catch up.

Set a schedule: Add start dates to lock access to the content until an upcoming date. Use due dates for assessments, live meetings, and projects.

Give feedback fast: Grade everything easily with our super-fast workflow. Add personal feedback for each student.

Schedule anything: Keep everyone on track with due dates, automatic reminders, and personal messages.

Control access: Make your course private, public, or for members only. Optionally, set registration and access windows, including seat limits.

Engage learners: Start and participate in class discussions and still have time to respond to individual questions.

Keep current: Get in-app and email notifications for anything you need to grade or respond to.

Ask someone to answer: Use the Ask To Answer feature to assign a question to a specific staff member who’s most qualified to answer.

Reply by email: When you reply to questions and discussion email notifications, your response will automatically appear in the app.

View stats: Quickly evaluate completion rates and performance stats for your whole course, each lesson, and each step to see what needs to be refined.

3. Path Designer

Teach anything

Make a path from unknown to understanding that anyone can follow. You can...

Edit on any device: Create and update every part of your course on any screen—even your phone.

Add readings: Create great-looking readings, exercises, and assignment instructions.

Share extras: Post attachments and notes to guide your learners further.

Customize each course: Add cover art and backgrounds to create a unique environment for each course.

Plan projects: Assign projects and collect any type of student work—papers, images, videos, and more.

Keep score: Optional add points to any step — award them automatically, based on correct answers, or after a personal review.

Design in minutes: Use the drag-and-drop Path Designer to map out each lesson before adding your content.

Create assessments: Create practice quizzes, tests, or study guide-style assessments. Optionally, add answer explanations to make things clearer.

Keep some things optional: Choose to make any step Required or set it as Optional for those extra-milers.

Show and tell: Include video or audio media for lectures, demonstrations, etc.

Plan discussion: Post discussion questions on any learning step to help learners make connections.

Embed nearly anything: Embed almost any kind of hosted external content.

4. Management

Only manage critical things

Everything else runs itself. You and your managers can...

Work on any device: Manage and configure everything anywhere, on any screen. (Have we mentioned this already?)

Manage members: Review learner progress and manage access all from one screen.

Stay secure: Rest easy with full SSL encryption on every screen and daily back-ups. Pathwright protects your information and members.

Personalize and brand: Customize your colors, logos, images, and more to match your brand.

Download reports: Access and download detailed reports for course registrations, progress, members, and more.

Get free upgrades: Get weekly enhancements and bug fixes without installing anything (ever).

Control access: Control who has access to your whole school or a any course in a matter of a few clicks.

Skip the install: Pathwright is securely hosted in the cloud. You'll never have to download anything.

Integrate easily: Integrate with Google Analytics, Intercom.io, and more (pretty much anything with an embed code).

5. Commerce

Sell with confidence

Set prices, sales, previews, and more from your built-in beautiful storefront. You can...

Grow a sustainable livelihood: Set prices, sales, previews, and more from your built-in, beautiful storefront.

Price courses your way: Start selling any course for any price in less than a minute.

Sell subscription plans: Sell multiple subscriptions that unlock access to all your courses or just few. Set subscriptions to renew monthly, yearly, or both.

Collect payment: Integrate with Stripe.com, one of the most powerful and fastest growing payment gateways in the world.

Offer preview access: Optionally set any part of your course to Previewable. Visitors get a sample of your content before committing.

Offer trials: Create free trial periods for monthly subscriptions.

Say goodbye to extra fees: Pathwright won't take a cut of what you make. The only transaction fees you’ll incur come from Stripe, the payment provider—2.9% + $0.30 (or whatever price you negotiate).

Sell courses at multiple price points: Sell multiple versions of your course to unique cohorts with different price points.

Do less admin: Don't worry about tricky admin work. Your subscribers have full control of their subscriptions—they can update their cards or cancel all on their own.

Stay secure: Rest easy—all payments and user information are encrypted under Certified PCI level 1 compliance.

Offer discount codes: Offer percentage discounts on any version of a course. You’ll have full control over the number of uses, reuse by multiple people, expiration, and more.

Control your money: We won’t touch the money you earn. You have full control over all your earnings directly in your Stripe.com account—including payouts, refunds, and reports.

Sell courses to cohorts: Sell courses to a whole cohort with the Member-Created Cohort feature.

Remind automatically: Let us send reminders for you. We'll notify your subscribers when their card expires based on your Stripe.com settings.

Sell gift subscriptions: Offer gift subscriptions as an option for any number of months with printable and emailable gift cards.

Discount subscriptions: Offer discount codes to add any number of free months to a subscription and quickly apply it with a link.

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